Liberty STEAM Charter School’s 1st Annual Workforce Development Day

Liberty STEAM Charter School’s 1st Annual Workforce Development Day

Liberty STEAM Charter School’s 1st Annual Workforce Development Day

Earlier this month, Liberty STEAM Charter School invited Sumter Utilities to participate in their first annual Workforce Development Day, and we happily obliged! The initiative sought to partner each class of 3rd grade students, or “scholars,” with companies from around Sumter, SC to learn about various careers available to them. Industry representatives join the scholars for an entire day and worked through two projects, both focused on the goal of limiting exposure to harmful UV rays while they played outside.

The first project was to design a shelter that would block UV rays on the playground. Every class completed this project, and saw how their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math could combine to have a real impact in their day to day life.

The second project was led by Training Instructor Mitch Johnson, and gave insight into the utility industry, specifically. The Sumter Utilities scholars worked in teams to create power poles that utilized a working switch and a light. If applied to their real life, this design would allow scholars to play outside even as the sun was setting, giving them more playtime with less UV exposure.

Our scholars were insightful, curious, and so fun to spend the day with. Mitch spoke to the class at length, and answered their many questions! He even had the chance to demonstrate some of our PPE with a Board Member volunteer and show off a bucket truck.

 We found out a few days after our visit that our team was the winner of the challenge!

A huge thank you to Liberty STEAM charter school for the invitation, and for helping train up the next generation of curious and intelligent young people.

Liberty STEAM Charter School’s 1st Annual Workforce Development Day

Lighting the Way for the Turtles on Folly Beach

Lighting the Way for the Turtles on Folly Beach

As part of our work with Dominion Energy, Sumter Utilities crews have been working along Folly Beach outside of Charleston, SC to replace street lights in an effort to save the turtles.

When sea turtle hatchlings begin looking for the ocean, they look for the bright white light of the moon, which up until now could be easily mistaken for a bright white street light near the beach. By replacing the street lights near their breeding grounds with nearly 40 amber-hued lights, city leaders are aiming to do their part in protecting the sea life.

The new lights will have a distinctly different glow, reducing the disruption to the turtles, and helping more of them find their forever home in the ocean once they hatch.

These efforts from Sumter Utilities crews got a bit of attention in the news! Andrew Siau’s crew, including Wyatt Cline and Robert Williams had a moment to shine in various news outlets, and were praised for keeping a clean uniform and truck throughout the filming process.

Click below to see the news features and learn more about the Folly Beach Turtle project with Dominion Energy.

Sumter Utilities celebrates 2023 employee milestones

Sumter Utilities celebrates 2023 employee milestones

Sumter Utilities Celebrates Employee Milestones

Several Sumter Utilities employees recently hit significant milestones! These individuals have given years of dedication, support, and teamwork. We are so grateful to call them part of the Sumter family:


  • Corey Blackmon
  • Billy Long


  • Mike Blakeley
  • Mark Cox
  • Dawn McGee
  • Paul Porter
  • Christopher Royster
  • Brandon Thigpen



  • Bryce Abdom
  • Rodney Amick
  • James Arwood
  • Jason Bagienski
  • James Barnes
  • Darren Bayne
  • Christopher Brooks
  • Zachary Council
  • Curtis Cowart
  • Quintin Crawford
  • Cody Crisp
  • Billy Dority Jr
  • Jay Driggers
  • Ronald Freeman
  • Lisa Gales
  • Bryant Geathers
  • Brian Hall
  • Donnie Hanna Jr
  • Christopher Harris
  • Michael Hawkins
  • James Hayes
  • Tony Henderson
  • Billy Johnson
  • Jermal Jones
  • Chandler Jones
  • Benjamin Kish


    • Damon Lail
    • Joshua Lancaster
    • Christina Lang
    • Conner Lynch
    • Austin McCurry
    • Austin Morris
    • Weston Owens
    • Walter Pace Jr
    • Cody Pate
    • Steven Patrick
    • David Peralta Maldonado
    • Stanley Phillips
    • Matthew Poteat
    • Jacob Powell
    • Noah Powell
    • Heyward Sauls
    • Rodney Smith
    • Christopher Stepp
    • Steven Stokes
    • Devin Thigpen
    • Joshua Todd
    • Jordan Ulshafer
    • Dalton Underwood
    • Jimmy Vaught
    • Roy West Jr
    • Daniel White

Lineman Day

Lineman Day

National Lineman Appreciation Day

April 18

To our Sumter Linemen…

Each year on April 18, National Lineman Appreciation Day offers us the chance to recognize linemen for their dedication, sacrifice, and grit. You certainly didn’t take on this job because the work was easy and the hours were short. On the contrary, you do this work in spite of those things, and you do it well.

At Sumter Utilities, linemen are the very core of our business, and you continue to make Sumter a leader in the industry. But to us, you are more than just employees—you are family. We know you have a choice in where you hang your hard hat, and we’re grateful that you have chosen to wear the Sumter logo on yours.

We are all proud to work alongside you, and today I hope you are proud to call yourself a lineman. The work you do has evolved over the years, but nothing has changed about the importance and magnitude of the one of the nation’s toughest, most admired professions! We truly do appreciate you, and we’re grateful to have you here at Sumter Utilities.

-Derek O’Bradovich, Sumter Utilities President

A tribute to linemen.

courtesy of Northwest Lineman College

“They forged the backbone of the modern world, electricity for the masses… and for these loyal few, there’s no greater honor than to bear the name linemen.

    In 2013, Congress recognized National Lineman Appreciation Day.

    Bill Bosch watched his father work as a lineman. His father was a linemen during World War II, and loved the idea of passing on tradition.

    In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, he noticed that linemen were putting themselves in harm’s way to serve the communities, yet the public was largely unaware and uneducated about the work of linemen.

    Bill worked with Congress to establish April 18 as a day of honor and recognition, the anniversary of his father’s passing.

    Lineman Love

    Over the years, Sumter has received numerous words of thanks. After storms and outages, as they work in communities across the Southeast, people have shared their gratitude.

    Want to share your own thanks? Send us an email and share some lineman love.


    Your crews were at the farm of my parents, where a tree had fallen on the lines and snapped the pole. We have a generator- and that went out! My parents are 93 and 88. During the course of events, my dad suffered a stroke. Your crews were wonderful!

    They offered help, made sure the road was clear, and I’m sure they stayed to work until about 3 AM for my mother’s sake, rather than coming back the next day.

    There are no words to express our gratitude. Please tell them thank you for us. God bless you all!


    We recently had power conected to our new home. Two men came out and were the most kind and respectful people we have encountered. They were thorough and efficient!

    Please share our deep appreciation for their work well done.


    Thank you for restoring our power in DeLand, Fl. God bless you all, and I hope you are able to return to your families soon. Y’all were our angels.


    I had the opportunity to see a group of your hard workers in Camden, SC. They came in while I was eating and I could tell by looking at them they had been putting in some long hard hours of work. Some of them may actually be farther away from home than I know. All linemen have been busting their butts so I thought, what if this was my father, son, brother, or nephew?  I APPRECIATE ALL THE HARD WORK AND TIME YOU PUT IN. Thank you to all the linemen for your service. Be safe!


    Thank you, Sumter Utilities Inc. You guys are Mavericks…working around the clock 😎 U got the Power 👊 Hooah!


    Photo Contest

    Photo Contest

    Send us your photos

    and be entered to win a $50 gift card!

    Show us what you’re up to, Sumter Crews!

    We want to see your photos from the field, so we’re hosting a photo contest to see what you’ve got! Here’s how it works:

    The employee who submits the winning photo each month will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.