Liberty STEAM Charter School’s 1st Annual Workforce Development Day

Earlier this month, Liberty STEAM Charter School invited Sumter Utilities to participate in their first annual Workforce Development Day, and we happily obliged! The initiative sought to partner each class of 3rd grade students, or “scholars,” with companies from around Sumter, SC to learn about various careers available to them. Industry representatives join the scholars for an entire day and worked through two projects, both focused on the goal of limiting exposure to harmful UV rays while they played outside.

The first project was to design a shelter that would block UV rays on the playground. Every class completed this project, and saw how their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math could combine to have a real impact in their day to day life.

The second project was led by Training Instructor Mitch Johnson, and gave insight into the utility industry, specifically. The Sumter Utilities scholars worked in teams to create power poles that utilized a working switch and a light. If applied to their real life, this design would allow scholars to play outside even as the sun was setting, giving them more playtime with less UV exposure.

Our scholars were insightful, curious, and so fun to spend the day with. Mitch spoke to the class at length, and answered their many questions! He even had the chance to demonstrate some of our PPE with a Board Member volunteer and show off a bucket truck.

 We found out a few days after our visit that our team was the winner of the challenge!

A huge thank you to Liberty STEAM charter school for the invitation, and for helping train up the next generation of curious and intelligent young people.