Sumter Utilities’ Lineman Apprenticeship Program

Provides on-the-job education and training for the next generation of lineworkers.

College isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay.

What if we told you it was possible to earn a four-year certification in a well-paying and fulfilling career? That instead of acquiring a mountain of debt, you could earn a living at the same time? The Lineman Apprenticeship program at Sumter makes that possible.

Through four years of training at our headquarters in Sumter, South Carolina, future lineworkers can gain a wealth of knowledge and valuable experience at the same time, all while earning a living.


We are investing in the future of our employees,
our company, and our customers.

By training apprentice linemen, Sumter is paving the way to support an expanding industry. It’s an investment that is worth it for everyone, and it’s an effort that makes us proud. Through our partnership with Be Pro, Be Proud South Carolina, we are committed to sharing the value of pursuing trade opportunities. The program showcases the endless possibilities that exist for those who aren’t interested in traditional higher education. Find out more here.

Sumter Utilities’ Lineworker Training Program:


  • Flexible, modular format
  • Blended teaching with proven classroom and field exercises, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment at our training center in Sumter, SC.
  • On the job education – earn a living while you go to school!
  • Stipends for Veterans in addition to wages. 

Program Requirements:

  • 144 hours of formal training each year
  • Completion of assigned OJT tasks
  • 2,000 work hours annually

Upon completion, participants become certified lineworkers by the US Department of Labor.

Our goal is to have the best trained workforce in the industry.

Which is why we implemented our training program in 2006. And it works! Our lineman apprenticeship program has increased employee retention and morale, reduced on the job injuries, and supports an ever expanding workforce. As a result, our customers see higher quality and faster delivery, giving them an advantage in the market.

With Sumter’s high quality workforce at the helm, anything is possible.

Ready to join the Sumter Utilities team?

We are currently accepting applications for our next class of future lineworkers.