2023 President’s Safety Professional
of the Year Award Banquet

Each year, Sumter Utilities honors exemplary employees with the President’s Safety Professional of the Year award. Crews who complete all four quarters of the year with zero safety incidents become eligible and are then selected by leadership for going above and beyond in their attention to safety.

This year’s banquet was held on May 30 in Columbia, South Carolina, and included dinner, dancing, and an award presentation. Honorees were invited, along with their spouses and partners, to celebrate their achievements. In total, 48 employees were honored, although a number of them were not able to celebrate since they had been called away to work storms in Texas and Tennessee.

Our 2023 Safety Professionals of the Year are: 

Devin J Thigpen, Field Mechanic

Christopher L Matthews, Foreman

Charles B Burnett, A-Lineman

Chad M Parker, Foreman

Kerry B Thames, Lead Lineman

Kristopher L Howell, A-Lineman

Adam Z Parker, C-Lineman

Zackary M Sessoms, Operator

Charles D Anderson, Foreman

Ryan S Logue, A-Lineman

Luis D Sanchez Aguayo,

Jonathan P Dekle, A-Lineman

Eduardo Delgado, C-Lineman

Garret A Holt, C-Lineman

Curtis C Smith, Foreman

Frank J Spafford, B-Lineman

Jonas A Endreson, C-Lineman

Wade D Childers, Foreman

Cody L Barber, A-Lineman

Mitchel A Taylor II, B-Lineman

Trevor J Schaefer, Operator

Kelly W Wright, Foreman

Thomas A Powell A-Lineman

Stanton A Alexander, A-Lineman

Eric R Roach, B-Lineman

Mervin T Thomas, Foreman

Joshua L Kohut, Lead Lineman

Jacob GM Morris, B-Lineman

John B Boney III, C-Lineman

Carson R Ham, Truck Driver

Benjamin H Bailey, Foreman

Ryan J Fowler, B-Lineman

Thomas J Crain, Foreman

Adam D Davis, A-Lineman

Dylan B Lewis, B-Lineman

Joshua T Jackson, C-Lineman

William O Parnell, Foreman

Christopher G Langston, Truck Driver

Wyatt L Parnell, Groundman

Justin L Hoglen, Foreman

Nathan L Ferguson, A-Lineman

Jeffrey H Parris, A-Lineman

Charles M Hardee, Foreman

Patrick R Sott, Crew Leader

Joseph G Gasque, A-Lineman

Bryant Geathers, A-Lineman

Tommy G Singleton, Foreman

Mason A Lyall, C-Lineman