Solomon’s Island Conversion

Solomon’s Island Conversion

Solomon’s Island Conversion

Underground Distribution

Project Type: Underground Distribution

Scope: 2,000 ft of Overhead to Underground conversion

Location: Solomon’s Island, Maryland

Client: Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

Start Date: 2021

Completion Date: May 2022

Sumter Utilities was contracted by Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative to complete a three-phase conversion of overhead distribution to underground distribution along Solomon’s Island Road, a popular tourist destination for the Baltimore-Washington Metro area. The distance stretches approximately 2,000 feet from the historic Lore Oyster House to Patuxent Avenue.

This project includes a complete turn-key solution for the conversion, including duct bank installation, primary and secondary cable installation, conversions and cut-overs, street light install, cable terminations, and restorations. The beginning of the project spans an open causeway, with the design including a carrier pipe over the 24 feet of waterway.

Together with our subcontracted partner, Southern Maryland Cable, Sumter Utilities is facing the challenges of a high water table, unstable soil, existing underground utilities, Maryland winter weather, and as many have seen in 2021, material procurement. The supply chain issues and the intricacies of this project have given plenty of obstacles to overcome, but the team is scheduled to complete the project on time in May of 2022.