Yemassee Rebuild & Conversion


Project Type: Transmission

Scope: Rebuild 20+ miles of 115kV single circuit transmission line and convert a single wood-pole 115kV line to single steel poles.

Location: Yemassee / Lady’s Island / Beaufort, South Carolina

Client: Dominion Energy Southeast (SC)

Start Date: March 2019

Completion Date: May 2021

Sumter Utilities was contracted by Dominion Energy Southeast (SC) to rebuild 20+ miles of 115kV single circuit transmission line. Additionally, Sumter was to convert a 115kV line from single wood poles to a single steel pole, double-circuit bundle configuration. Located in the areas of Yemassee, Beaufort, and Lady’s Island, South Carolina, the project was nestled within low-lying wetland and tidal areas, presenting substantial terrain challenges. Additionally, Sumter Utilities was tasked with installing vibratory caisson foundations on all the structures, some driven to depths of fifty feet in the ground. By utilizing matting in tidal areas, collaborating effectively with a variety of subcontractors, and pivoting the plan after a vibratory caisson refusal, Sumter rose to the challenge, driving the project forward to success.

The Sumter Utilities team demonstrated exceptional performance for this $22M project. As the primary contractor, Sumter met the schedule with zero power interruptions and zero injuries. Transmission and distribution joint efforts made this project successful for everyone involved, and Dominion Energy was very pleased with Sumter’s ability to deliver.