Sumter Utilities is one of the strongest utility companies in the south with experience and expertise to match the demands of the job. We specialize in all aspects of transmission work including maintenance, new construction and energized work, and we can work in any region ­regardless of terrain. The collective strength of Sumter Utilities and Quanta Services provides EPC solutions to meet all of your construction needs.

Our efficient project management and experienced crews keep power flowing to substations and distribution networks. Our highly qualified personnel have the specialized skills, knowledge and equipment needed to install, maintain, upgrade and relocate transmission systems safely and efficiently. Sumter Utilities can be counted on to help meet the needs of today and the growth of tomorrow.

Safe, Reliable Transmission Line and Structure Services

  • Maintenance and Upgrades
    Whether changing out poles or performing energized installation of lightning arresters, our crews follow specific job task procedures to keep projects moving safely and smoothly. Effective project planning lets skilled, bare-hand crews safely perform critical maintenance tasks while minimizing scheduled outage needs and consumer impact.  We successfully maintain our reputation in the industry by minimizing workplace injuries and property damage.
  • New Construction
    Our crews are known for efficient, on-time construction for projects of all conductor sizes and line lengths. Our construction management and site services include the entire project scope from right of way clearing to conductor stringing.
  • Energized Services
    Sumter Utilities has the skilled workforce and specialized equipment to perform hot line work up to 500 kV using our well trained, highly-skilled barehand lineman. As a Quanta Services company, we are the exclusive operator of casino på nätet the LinemasterTM robotic arm, which isolates energized lines to create safer, more efficient work environments. Our specially trained, handpicked team uses traditional energized methods alongside the LinemasterTM to maintain live lines and perform energized projects including pole and insulator change outs, installation of lightning arresters, static and other hardware replacement.