The goal of Sumter Utilities is to have the best trained electrical power line contractor workforce in the industry.  The commitment to achieve this goal has required a significant financial investment for our company.  We are investing in the future of our employees, our company and our customers.

Sumter Utilities’ Line worker Training Program is a comprehensive DOL certified four-year training program. The program requires 144 hours of formal training each year, completion of assigned OJT tasks, and the completion of 2000 documented work hours per year.  The curriculum is a blend of proven classroom and field training methods using state of the art material and equipment.  Upon completion of all program requirements the line worker is fully certified by the US Department of Labor.

Since the introduction of the training program in 2006 we have experienced significant reductions in losses and injuries.  We have also seen improvements in the quality and delivery of our work products. We are very excited about all the value added benefits of our training program for our customers. Our commitment to having the best trained workforce has given Sumter Utilities a huge advantage over our competitors. We look forward to serving your construction and maintenance needs in the future.