Experience is the best preparation for responding to emergency situations.  Every year, Sumter Utilities’ personnel mobilize to the frontlines after hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, snow storms and other disasters. Our crews are a welcome sight in neighborhoods and business districts that need help getting power restored.

Sumter Utilities is able to respond at any time for emergency restoration. Well-trained experienced crews mobilize immediately with a modern, well-maintained fleet that includes distribution and transmission equipment. The company also has specialty equipment that includes flex track mounted digger derricks and buckets for both distribution and transmission applications. Our documented processes for assessment, planning, engineering, procurement, construction, start-up, operations and maintenance for electric transmission, distribution and substations form a strong foundation for our work, especially in crisis situations.  We work with many of our customers in anticipation of likely events, establishing protocols and planning resources that can make a critical difference in the field.  

For emergency restoration services, contact:
Sumter Utilities, Inc.